Divrei HaRav

Titzave / תצוה

Titzave / תצוה
The מעיל was like a טלית קטן and had bells and ornament pomegranates on the edge. The גמ" in ערכין teaches that it atones for לשון הרע, for it is a דבר שבקול. The חפץ חיים elaborates upon this theme. It was completely the color of תכלת which is a reminder of the heavens and the כסא הכבוד for לשון הרע reaches all the way to the כסא הכבוד (תנא דבי אליהו). Then it says יהי' פי ראשו בתוכו the mouth or opening is inward as in the גמ' חולין פט', one should restrain his mouth at the time of quarreling. Then it says, שפה יהי' לפיו סביב מעשה אורג that one should imagine as if his mouth was woven shut.
ולא יזח החשן מעל האפוד
One of the mitzvos of the Torah is that the connection between the חשן and the אפוד should not be severed. The חשן, of course, atones for improper judgment of money matters. The אפוד atones for idol worship. Why the connection? ר' משה פיינשטיין ז"ל demonstrates from here that to be unethical in business stems from a lack of faith in HaShem, similar to the lack of faith of the one who trusts in false philosophies.
ואתה הקרב אליך את אהרן אחיך ואת בניו אתו
You Moshe, should bring close Aaron and his sons. Why isn’t the command stated with the words “appoint”, why “bring close”? Moshe was greatly respected by the Jewish people. If another appointment would be made, maybe the people wouldn’t accord him the same respect. If, however, they would see that Moshe “brings him close” and discusses problems with him, this will elevate the new person in the eyes of the people. (בית יצחק).
The Parsha positions the mitzva of lighting the menorah next to the clothing of the Kohanim, why? The שפת אמת explains with the פסוק - בכל עת יהיו בגדיך לבנים ושמן על ראשך אל יחסר. Your clothing should always be spotless and the oil should not be missing from your head. The גמ' relates this to ציצית ותפילין. The clothing of the body, as the tzitzis, enhance the body and helps to purify it. The menorah, as the holiness of tefilin, is the purification of the soul. Therefore they are connected.



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