• Hilchos Sfiras HaHomer

Hilchos Sfiras HaHomer

1. Because of the tragedy that befell the talmidim of R’ Akiva we are in a mourning period for 33 days. Some begin the second day of Pesach and end after Lag B’Omer. Others begin after Nisson and end Shavous time.
2. Weddings, social gatherings with music, and listening to music in general are all prohibited. This includes live music or from a tape, etc.
3. Hair cuts or shaving are also restricted during these days.
4. Cutting nails and reciting Shehechyanu are permissable. Likewise, purchasing new clothes is no problem.
5. In honor of a bris, the mohel, sandek and father may cut their hair or shave, likewise a Chosen before the wedding or during Sheva brochos is allowed to shave and cut his hair.
6. An engagement party without music is permitted.
7. If one has a minhag one way and is invited to a wedding of a person who keeps the other custom, one may attend the wedding.
8. One should not change minhagim unless circumstances force him to.
9. There is a third custom, not to take a haircut the entire time of Sfira.
10. Since the source of the mourning was a lack of respect for a colleague, one should improve his relationships with his fellow man during this time.
11. A musician may play, to earn a living, during this time.
12. Some allow music lessons to be taken during Sfira.